Sunday, 9 July 2017

School's out for summer

OK, so I've just finished my 25th year in the classroom....
I've got about 8 weeks of summer ahead, and as usual I can't just sit and do nothing, so I've got quite a few things lined up to do, all of which you'll be able to read about here once they're finished...
  • Finishing an education resource pack to go with the Ice Flows Game (a GA consultancy job)- that's my first job to do and it's going well...
  • Writing project for Norfolk County Council on Hunstanton and coastal erosion
  • Three resources for the Royal Geographical Society on Suburbs and some 'A' level materials for their Data Skills in Geography project (already started these some time ago, so just finishing off now)
  • Writing for the Innovative Geography Teaching Grant that I've been awarded by the Royal Geographical Society, on a project with Peter Knight of Keele University. The website is already up and running here.
  • Moderating Primary and Secondary Geography Quality Mark applications once again, with a trip up to Yorkshire.
  • Drafting ideas for education materials in support of the Women's Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition in 2018 for Felicity Aston and colleagues
  • Writing journal articles on my explorations of the contents of 'Classroom Geographer'.
  • A few other little bits and pieces
Also got 3 weeks of time away in there, to travel, read and take photographs.

Started the relaxation yesterday, with a visit to Cley Contemporary 17, then down to the beach at Cley before heading inland for a pub lunch in a quiet village watching the world go by with a pint of local ale...

Have a great summer everyone, whatever you're up to.... there'll be the odd blog post here between now and September to clear the 'Drafts' folder, and share a few pretty pictures and interesting news stories....

Image: Alan Parkinson

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